Turbomachinery is usually one of the most critical type of machine in an industrial plant. Generally of high power and rotating speed, these machines represent great responsibility within the process and its health is top priority. Analyzing and controlling the proper operation of this type of equipment demands senior expertise and specific technology, compatible with its manufacturing complexity and operational dynamics.


Many of these type of machines are loaded with protection systems that work mostly with vibration control. This control is generally limited to alarms of overall value, and not capable of performing a full diagnostic of the vibration spectrum that the machine provides. For a comprehensive understanding of the machine’s health, a proper diagnostic technique must done, thus having possible failures and flaws detected prior to any break.

Orbit Analysis

turbomachines are generally of high rotating speed, high potency and low clearance among parts; thus maintaining proper geometric stability is very important for smooth and safe operation. In order for this to be checked and controlled, proximity probes are installed on the supports in all directions. The probes can be set up in a number of different ways, providing great information about displacement of external set or internal parts, depending on how they are set up. Meaning precise information about the dynamic stability of the system.

Finite Element Analysis for Dynamic Operation

Finite Element Analysis takes precise project data and operational conditions into the computer, making it is possible to simulate any solutions prior to applying them, prioritizing safety and efficiency of solutions.

Dynamic Analysis by Mechanical Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging identifies any abnormally hot spots under dynamic condition, making it possible to locate and correct unwanted loads.

Advanced Online and Offline Vibration Analysis

senior vibration analysis, using both online and offline systems for a comprehensive understanding of vibration pattern.

Static and Dynamic Resonance Test

identification of resonance frequencies, which are crucial to understanding vibration related problems

Analysis of Magnetic Sources

current spectrum for various operational conditions; precise analysis to identify the contribution of magnetic defects that might be affecting overall system performance.