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Engineering Projects, Technical Drawing, Chronical and Critical Problems, Finite Element Simulation, 3D Simulation.

Estudo Engenharia

Engineering Study means solving critical problems. Highly priority situations where a recurring problem might be affecting production, productivity, reliability, quality etc. Initially, the study demands technical visits to identify the context in which the problem is occurring, as well as the evident and the hidden losses, history information, general technical and process data. Afterwards, technical inspections, formal failure analysis and deeper look into causes and effects of the problem.

When necessary, 3D simulations are made so we can have an easy and straightforward view of the performance. Vibration analysis, phase coherence and resonance tests are also crucial in the process of finding the solution.

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Estudos Elementos Finitos
Estudos elementos finitos

Some situations may require modifications to the actual equipment structure; other cases may require some good amount of prior testing or some complex calculations. In any of those cases, FEA is the way to precisely achieve those answers and understand the results of the solution, before actually deploying it.

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